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Everyone wants to see fewer lines and wrinkles, creases or folds, but without a frozen face. Due to the advanced ways, BOTOX and other neurotoxins can be administered now in the hands of experienced practitioners, you can get the anti-ageing benefits you seek without that deer in the headlights kind of look.

Botox’s popularity is rising again. Seventy-two per cent of facial plastic surgeons report patients requesting combined surgical and non-surgical procedures (such as Botox), according to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( And surgeons are reporting that they’re seeing patients of every age request Botox in London and other neurotoxins.

Here’s your decade-by-decade guide to Botox:

In your 20s: Think Prevention

When done before lines have permanently etched their way into the skin, Botox can train facial muscles to move less and help prevent wrinkles from forming as you age. That message is resonating: 64% of member AAFPRS facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable treatments in patients under 30.

In your 30s: Smooth fine lines

These lines are starting to pop up around your eyes and brows. Regularly receiving Botox injections every 3 to 6 months will take care of softening them and preventing them from getting deeper. Maybe it’s all those age-defying celebs out there. Eighty-two per cent of AAFPRS members said celebs were a major influence on their patients’ decision to have cosmetic surgery.

In your 40s: Take care of deep lines

But not all injectors are the same. Today neurotoxin treatments are being offered as discount daily deals and done in gyms, spas, and salons. It is risky to be treated by someone who is not properly trained. Make sure you are choosing an experienced medical practitioner to stay safe and get the line-smoothing results you really want.


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